Saint Louis Business Club

We are an integrated resource network in Metropolitan Saint Louis, Missouri.


The Saint Louis Business Club is a resource network of professionals in every aspect of life and business who are proactively connecting inside a like-minded community. We provide educational opportunities to learn the latest trends in technology, life, and business advice for maximum growth.

When business owners from diverse backgrounds and experience come together, they have a greater opportunity to elevate their business. Mastermind sessions that have a specific purpose can be very effective, especially when there is a system for feedback and accountability in place.


Conference Rooms

Event Spaces

Office Spaces

Special Events


At the Saint Louis Business Club, we want to inspire people to pursue the burning passion they have inside. We want to ignite the flame that causes someone to pour all of his or her energy into something they have to pursue as if there's no turning back. The sharing economy allows us to share space and other amenities based on utilization. Our location at University Tower boasts some of the nicest office spaces in the Saint Louis area alongside studios and event spaces that are available to members to use at a discount. It's an ideal hybrid that works for many. If you're an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial-minded employee who wants to build positive relationships, grow your business, and establish a supportive community of providers, the Saint Louis Business Club was designed with you in mind.

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