In 2019, the Saint Louis Business Club was launched to create opportunities to connect and bring professionals together to build community, inspire collaboration, and provide guidance in creative spaces and platforms that encourage productive activity. The Saint Louis geography serves as a centralized physical nerve, and the Saint Louis Business Club wraps a virtual element around it with access to expertise 24/7 at (virtually) any location in the world. This allows us a much better landscape to provide value to small business owners. The circle of access to expertise over time is literally unlimited.


"I believe that we need community. We should surround ourselves with good people who can help us live our best life and run great businesses. I believe that a well-balanced life maximizes happiness so we strive to align ourselves with the best resources in all areas of life and business."

Brian Lunt, STLBC President


Authenticity | Trust | Humility | Community | Generosity | Collaboration