Since childhood, I’ve been telling stories, especially through art. I became fascinated with how businesses operate when I spent a summer working for my father at his sheet metal company. After high school, I decided to go to secretarial school and gain more experience in an office for a few years. College classes were sandwiched between an assortment of jobs and raising a family, and I earned my bachelor’s degree by the time my children started college.

A Creative Vision

Artistic expression has been core to my being since I picked up a box of crayons. During my school years, I frequently dabbled in sketching and painting, and when I became a mother, I discovered a passion for photography. Seeing the world through a lens gave me an appreciation for the light and beauty that surrounds us. After decades of practice, I took the leap to capture special moments for other people on a professional level. Photography has led me to people and places that were beyond my imagination.

An Entrepreneurial Journey

My corporate careers taught me how to work in a structured environment with groups of colleagues. They gave me the opportunity to oversee complex projects and manage teams of people. I’ve had my own business much longer than I worked for a company because the flexibility and variety it offers is a better fit. My corporate experience gave me a solid foundation as well as the confidence to be my own boss.

Image Media, LLC

Since 2008, I’ve been collaborating with small business owners who want a branded web presence that clarifies their value, drives action and helps them grow their business. I also photograph people doing what they do best so they can share those moments. I assist clients with:

  • Discovery – My branding process is designed for telling stories and making decisions.
  • Focus – Your story is your brand. Once you understand how it can work for you, I help you translate it to your digital assets.
  • Growth – My services – branding, web strategy and design, digital marketing and photography – provide a creative opportunity for clients to fulfill many of their personal and professional goals.

My Role at the Saint Louis Business Club

It’s been a joy to participate in the building of the Saint Louis Business Club as a provider of digital communication tools including the website, social media marketing and e-mail newsletters. I also participate in weekly Mastermind sessions, monthly workshops and collaborative projects. The strategic model helps me design my ideal life and continue to grow my business to enhance it. My only regret is that this kind of opportunity didn’t exist when I started out!

Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our own story. – Don Miguel Ruiz

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