It’s All About Community

At the Saint Louis Business Club, we often say that “the community is the product.” Yes, we have an excellent location and all the amenities that come with that, but without the right people in the community, it’s just another building. We’re searching for members who want to be part of a community that focuses on positivity, collaboration and growth.  After all, as my father’s father often said, “it’s not always what you know, but who you know.”

We’ve been growing at a steady pace since we moved into the University Tower across from the Galleria on April 1st, and our growth is a testament to our founding members and the new members who see the opportunity and jump right in. Our internal marketing and operations teams are a huge part of our success and the momentum is exciting.

Our gatherings evolve from interest groups into masterminds. When our masterminds work well with one another, cross promotion is inevitable and agency-style relationships emerge. Ultimately, we come together in business which is at the core of our organization. Our focus groups include content producers, professional services and wellness providers. Our topics range from documentaries to business fundamentals to plant medicine. The variety of people and projects ensures that we have meaningful opportunities and work.

We aim to distribute responsibilities across our entire community so that everyone gets to do more of what they do best and rely on others for the work that they don’t want to do. When we can all focus more on our genius, the output of the community of resources rises above individuals trying to go it alone. We raise one another up and achieve more together. 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. – Henry Ford

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