If I had a magic wand, I would have all souls rest in peace knowing that they had fulfilled their purpose on earth.  As a teacher of universal principles, I help people discern their purpose through learning how to listen inwardly with meditation, dream recall and interpretation.  I teach people how to concentrate, listen, and visualize.

As the owner of Whole Life Resources, I provide practical spiritual education.  When people discover, uncover, or recover a connection with their “Real Self,” they become better parents, spouses, employees or employers, friends, and colleagues.  They are more fulfilled and make a difference in the lives of others.  My passion is teaching practices and principles that work!

A past president of both the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the School of Metaphysics, I have been teaching since 1979 and practicing these methods since 1977.   I am a graduate of the School of Metaphysics and the Institute for Dream Studies.

I have authored the books Intuitive Dreaming; The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization; Dharma: Finding Your Soul’s Purpose; Karmic Healing; Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery; Concentration; and Healing for a Higher Purpose.  I am a contributing author to Dreams That Change Our Lives, Weaving Dreams in the Classroom, the Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams, How to Raise an Indigo Child, First Opinion and Public Speaking Superpowers.

A Spiritual Journey

From the time I was very young, I had a sense that each person has a calling, a purpose, that benefits humanity.  When people discover their calling, they feel fulfilled and make the world a better place. That belief has shaped my own choices and led me to become a teacher, counselor, minister, and author to show people how to express their brilliance.

A writer and life-long learner, I have been a teacher since junior high school, when I had my first job as a tutor. I taught with the School of Metaphysics for 40 years, recently retired from there and started my company Whole Life Resources.  I design programs for the needs of corporations and not-for-profit groups.  Classes and workshops in metaphysics, Universal Law, communication, understanding dreams, meditation, and visualization.

As a former editor of Thresholds Journal, I had the awesome opportunity to interview prominent people like H.H. the Dalai Lama, Bernie Seigel, and Raymond Moody.  Learning their stories solidified my belief that universal principles of success work for anyone in any field of life. It also showed me that truly great people devote their lives to aiding others.

I mentor successful people who long for a sense of purpose and meaning, and people facing major life change, such as empty nesters, retirees, those recently widowed or divorced.

My Role at the Saint Louis Business Club

I am currently on the Council of Masters as a Spiritual and Mental resource. I participate in Strategy Sessions and Master Classes and provide expertise and collaborative feedback to members and guests of the club.

I will be hosting a Who Am I, Why Am I Here and Where Am I Going? Master Class at Undivided Experience Center on August 21 from 1-3 pm.

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