Master Heather Crider

High-Performance Strategist - FOCUS: Lead Generation

Heather is the conduit who meets you at the intersection of mindfulness and business, providing a roadmap for unbounded success. Her specialties include digital media, consumer behavior, brand awareness, omni-channel marketing campaigns, neuromarketing, mindfulness-based growth strategies, leadership growth, and neurocoaching.

Master Bing Dempewolf

CEO at TAI-CHI Consulting - FOCUS: Human Capital

Bing is an Executive Human Resources Leader serving as a business partner to the Executive Leadership Team. She has extensive experience with employee relations, recruiting and retention, performance management, learning and development, compensation, benefits, mergers/acquisitions, and diversity efforts.

Master Pat Dorsey

Owner, Mightier Than The Sword Consulting - FOCUS: Systems

People and businesses hire Pat to help them tell their stories. He is an experienced technical and business communicator, a skilled writer and a best-selling author. He has 20 years experience leading corporate communicates efforts. Pat is also President and Head Instructor of the St. Louis Fencers Club.

Master Tom Gargiula

Director, Windmill Wellness Center - FOCUS: Health & Wellness

Dr. Gargiula (Dr. G) and his team want to help their clients live their healthiest lives by finding the root cause of their symptoms in a safe, natural and effective way.  All of the services offered at Windmill Wellness Center are designed to build upon and complement a healthy lifestyle.


Founder, Image Media, LLC - FOCUS: Branding

Caren Libby has been providing web design, blogging, newsletter, social media, and photography services since 2008. Her services are designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build their brand, expand their audience, and increase their sales.

Master Brian Lunt

Chief Creative Stragegist, Seed Level Creativity Lab - FOCUS: Cultural

As a creative strategist, Brian guides clients through a holistic process of building their own, customized plan for their life or business with access to a comprehensive network of resources. In 2019, he launched the Saint Louis Business Club, which is a resource network of professionals in every aspect of life and business who are proactively connecting inside a like-minded community.

Master Marc Metz

Outsourced VP of Sales - FOCUS: Sales

At Optimus Sales Group - powered by Sales Xceleration, Marc helps business owners realize their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. He creates sales infrastructure components and sales leadership, often leading to record-breaking sales results from new sales for his clients. His unwavering objective is to build the proper sales foundation that will allow business owners to enjoy continued sales growth for years to come.

Master Bruce Wehner2

Bruce helps you keep more of their money by discovering what money is flowing into your control and what money is flowing out of your control. He strategizes to get more money to flow into your control. The end result is you will have more money to retain and utilize for your life and for future generations.