The Hybrid

If we’ve learned anything from a worldwide pandemic, it’s how to adapt. The circumstances surrounding Covid have been a great equalizer because just about everyone in the world has had to make some kind of change. I’ve often said that a core characteristic of an entrepreneur is his or her ability to adapt and adaptability coupled with persistence is a big part of the recipe for success (or survival). Covid has put that recipe to the test.
When the pandemic hit, many of us were asked (or forced) to work from home. Virtual meetings became the norm and adapting to a new normal has become a way of life. It has certainly not been an ideal time to build a business club that specializes in gathering people together, so as an adaptation we began offering virtual meetings (as did just about everyone else in the marketplace). But, we also chose to invest in technology that allows us to offer an in-person / virtual hybrid meeting so that our members and guests can choose the manner in which they would like to attend.
I also see a hybrid in our target market. At an introductory level, many people pursue memberships in Chambers of Commerce, BNI groups and similar organizations. At a more advanced level, people pursue memberships in CEO and peer-to-peer advisory groups like Vistage, Entrepreneur’s Organization and the like. We tend to exist as a hybrid. We offer networking and business development similar to a chamber, but we also rely heavily on our members for peer-to-peer advisory within meetings that are facilitated similar to an upper tier organization.
We also offer a hybrid in terms of amenities. Many business owners are faced with the choice of investing in a brick and mortar location or whether they should work from home. The sharing economy allows us to share space and other amenities based on utilization. Our location at University Tower boasts some of the nicest office spaces in the Saint Louis area alongside studios and event spaces that are available to members to use at a discount. It’s an ideal hybrid that works for many.
If you’re an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial-minded employee who wants to build positive relationships, grow your business and establish a supportive community of providers, the Saint Louis Business Club was designed with you in mind.
Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent.
– Nolan Ryan