Time is a Currency. How Do You Spend It?

A big part of the work we do at the Saint Louis Business Club is about maximizing our time. We know that money is the standard currency in the marketplace, but time is often more scarce than money. We want to attract the best resources from throughout the metro area and the challenge can be that many successful people are in high demand so their time is valuable. It’s on us to ensure that they receive a valuable exchange for their time spent. 

We challenge members and guests to proactively design their ideal lives and businesses. When we are clearer about what we truly want in life, our decisions also become clearer. We also strive to surround ourselves with good people who can help us navigate those decisions. Peer-to-peer advisory groups, clubs, networking organizations and the like oftentimes have more to do with who you are in the room with as opposed to where you are or what you’re doing. The right referral, a good connection or some quality advice can make a big difference towards reaching your goals. 

In conversation this week, we playfully stated that “the weekend never ends at the business club.” We said that because even though we work alongside one another for a large portion of the week, we often find ourselves together on the weekends as well. I think it’s because we’ve surrounded ourselves with the people we want to be around – they love what they do and that energy is infectious.

“Wealth is discretionary time; money is simply the means to obtain wealth.” 
– Alan Weiss