What Value Do You Provide?

By Brian Lunt
Every type of relationship whether personal or professional has a recipe for value exchange. The typical currencies of exchange include time, talent and treasure. We spend our time, expertise and money in order to receive an equal or greater amount, or perhaps a different combination, of the same in return. 
My Mom talks about “value exchange” when we’re talking about all the types of transactions that we could engage in where two parties walked away feeling that they received value. That definition still applies, but lately I’ve been thinking about the Saint Louis Business Club as an exchange similar to a stock exchange. Instead of facilitating the exchanging of equities, we help facilitate the exchanging of value in a variety of ways.
When an exchange doesn’t feel valuable, many things may have happened. One party may not have followed through with their side of an arrangement; one party may have had their expectations unmet; or maybe what was being exchanged was never clearly understood. At the Saint Louis Business Club, we help facilitate purposeful relationships where the value exchange is clearly understood.
For the rest of 2020, I am making it a point to readdress and solidify my purposeful relationships and to make sure that our exchanges are clearly defined and both sides feel value in the outcomes. That’s what the business club is all about. We provide dedicated time for introductions and education, dedicated space for interactions of all types and the facilitation of relationships whether 1-on-1 or amongst a group of peers. If you’re interested in building more purposeful and valuable relationships, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if the Saint Louis Business Club can help you too.

When values, thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and character is strengthened. – John C. Maxwell